Good Reasons to Be an Exhibitor

The benefits from exhibiting in Transport Show 2018 are multiple, significant and easily identified.

Just to mention a few:

• Unique opportunity to exhibit your latest products at a highly focused audience. All the important target groups will be there.
• Direct, and certainly intensive contact with decision-makers and influential people. Agreement purchasing are common during
the trade show. It goes without saying that trade visitors are always more willing to proceed to a purchase during or shortly after the exhibition.
• Considerable growth of your potential customers database
• Direct delivery of all communication material of your company to highly interested professionals
• First person experience of purchasing habbits of your target groups
• During the opening (trade day) of the exhibition, valuable contacts can be made with some of the most influential figures of the transport industry in the Balkans region.
• The overall concept provides excellent exposure, no matter the size of your exhibition space.
Promotion of a strong, growth image of your company
• Wide coverage from the leading media outlets of Greece, including trade Press, financial Press TV etc. Extensive coverage from TROXOI & TIR Magazine, and its digital media such as and the social media, which are included in the most “liked” in Europe, especially the Facebook page, which has often been described as a case study for the motoring Press, due to its massive following.


Transport Show 2018