High quality of services

Already from the second edition of the International Transport Show, the quality standards have been raised considerably and the whole layout of the trade show is now on pair with the elite of European Commercial Vehicles exhibitions. Thanks to the experience of the organizers in all promotional events related to the automotive industry and their expertise in undertaking the most difficult tasks with guaranteed outcome, and the increased financial resources and budget headed to communication activities, ever improved
services for the exhibitors and record visitors numbers are to be expected.

Services and support for exhibitors


The Mediterranean Exhibition Center – MEC is cooperating with Exposystem company that provides a lengthy range of exhibition space/stand equipment and has the technical know-how to construct and design almost anything an exhibitor might need. Almost any demands regarding multimedia installations, special lighting and decoration/construction can be fulfilled. Exposystem also provide electrical systems and support from highly professional electricians. Upon exhibitors’ request, vehicles for transport and forklifts for heavy exhibits can be provided. In days prior to the main event, exhibitor’s vehicles can enter the facilities at their convenience.


Exhibitors have at their disposal a big, modern airconditioned conference hall with many amenities for up to 200 attendees, equipped with video projectors, microphones etc. During the previous editions of Transport Show, several seminars and special events with famous speakers were hosted at the conference hall.


All exhibitors with commercial vehicles are provided with ample parking, at no extra cost, in the outdoor area should they wish to give the visitors the opportunity for test drives. Upon exhibitor’s request a tent can be provided to offer hospitality for their guests. In the previous editions of Transport Show, several exhibitors organized happenings and events for example regarding active safety, and vehicle technology.


Exhibitors have a unique opportunity to promote their products or services in the trade Press, most notably TROXOI & TIR Magazine and the popular social media of Agrimanaki Publications S.A., at the official catalogue of the trade show, and also the event is covered practically by all the media outlets of the country.


During each Transport Show edition, exhibitors can ask for promotional messages/spots to be reproduced from the loudspeakers installation in the halls.


On late Thursday afternoon, first day of the event, the opening ceremony of Transport Show takes place with several guests, including decision-makers of the industry, transport ministers, importers and distributors associations, exhibitors, digital and print media and representatives of professional unions relevant to freight and passenger transport.
The ceremony includes live music, open bar and it is the ideal place for intense discussions and business opportunities.


At the entrance of MEC Exhibition Centre, a couple of electric vehicles and their drivers are available for elderly visitors, or visitors with restricted mobility. Drivers will take these visitors around the exhibition grounds and will also provide a guided tour if so requested. During the last edition of Transport Show, those vehicles were used around the clock
and were much appreciated.


Creative and layout department of TROXOI & TIR Magazine will undertake any request for designing and delivering of printed promotional material, in special promotional prices. That material may vary from a one page ad to a full printed booklet. Before going to print, samples are sent to the customer for approval and probable changes or corrections. Booking well in advance is advised as it will facilitate a fruitful cooperation with our creative team.


Simply by participating at the trade show, your company can benefit by taking advantage of one of the subsidies available for small and medium size businesses, startups
and so on. Detailed information for the terms and conditions that apply can be found at and