The 3rd International Transport Show 2018 covers the entire length of MEC Exhibition Centre (345 meters). There is one central corridor 3 meters wide and all exhibition stands are either left or right of the corridor, facing it. Visitors traffic is both ways. There is a central entrance which is simultaneously the exit to the outdoor exhibition area and the parking.


Sections 1, 2 and 3 are available only for heavy and medium duty trucks and buses, unless the exhibitor also has LCVs or other products in his product offering. Sections 4 and 5 are reserved for Light Commercial Vehicles and for exhibitors such as rental or leasing companies that wish to show some vehicles from their fleets. Section 6 is available for transport and logistics companies, trade associations, and aftermarket exhibitors (components, lubricants, tires, tuning products etc).

  • SECTIONS 1,2,3,4,5: Price: €60,00/m2

The price refers to the designated (with marks on the floor) indoor exhibition space according to the floor plan and does not include equipment.

  • SECTION 6 (full stands): Price: €80,00/m2

Price includes the exhibition space, structure of the stand and full functional equipment such as carpets, lighting, desk, three chairs, electricity outlets, and logo of exhibitor’s company at the facade.

*All prices are without VAT of 24%.



FACADE STANDS: Outdoor exhibition stands numbered 10 to 16, have standard dimensions, cannot be separated and are open, without any eg., tents. Outdoor exhibition
stands numbered 11, 12 and 15 are special lifted platforms. Stands 17 and 18 are open, but can be covered with special tents upon request.

BIG FACADE STANDS – SECTION 7: Outdoor exhibition stands 27-34 are suitable for bigger vehicls such as silo and fuel tank trailers, 4-axle tippers, semitrailers,
with or without tractor etc. The covered area on the floor plan is indicative, which means that the exhibitor can book a smaller or bigger area as long as the horizontal dimension
of 15 or 18 meters is respected. It is possible to provide the exhibitor with full or partial roofing, with tents that provide reception space for visitors (front desk, extra lighting etc).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The spacious exterior exhibition area, will be attended first by the visitors that are directed to the exhibition, after parking their vehicles and consist
the majority of the visitors. Likewise, the visitors that exiting the main building directing to “exterior exhibition area” or coming back to the parking lot, will also visit the specific
exhibition area.

FACADE SPACE - KIOSKS (without roof) No 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16

10 100 50 5000
11 72 50 3600
12 78.4 50 3920
13 49.5 50 2475
14 41.5 50 1660
15 84 50 3360
16 21 50 840


The above mentioned areas are offered without equipment and the area they cover is made clear with markings on the floor.

Important note: Exhibitors can apply for less or more space, with the exception of the horizontal size of 18 or 15 meters. For all kiosks numbered 17 to 34 a tent can be used
either by the exhibitor or the organizers (upon request).

Prices for outdoor stands include general lighting and the consumption of electricity.

*All prices are without VAT of 24%.


The aforementioned prices include lighting, air condition for indoor spaces, cleaning services several times a day, security personnel, Wi-Fi, music, option to place promotional material at the reception, invitations for opening evening and the show, and parking space. Also included are promotion and mention in the show’s official catalogue and photo and extended journalistic coverage.


Organizers offer each exhibitor the opportunity to become official sponsors of the Transport Show 2018. For sponsorship possibilities and options, and pricelist and benefits, please contact Agrimanakis Publications S.A.